Linksys range extenders are good in expanding your existing wireless signals in or around a home network. Also, extend the range of wireless network by receiving wireless signal as of router or access after that, broadcast it to further parts of its range or within a home. So, by this, it permits wireless devices in that part to enclose wireless connection. In present blog, we will describe, how to configure Linksys range extender setup. But before starting make sure you have correct Passphrase or network password as of router & gateway. Both are important & will get used for setting up Linksys range extender setup.

  • Start by Plugging, Linksys range extender into a power channel & wait till the LED light to turn into steady.
  • Next, make use of a wireless computer & click on icon of wireless network on taskbar to exhibit a record of wireless networks inside the range of computer & look for network of range extender. Linksys range extender setup
  • Moving further, tab on Linksys Extender network & wait for the meantime, till computer tries to attach to it.
  • Next, you will notice a prompt message, asking for if you want to set up the network.
  • Now, tab on a link of Connect to the network without setting it up & then Click on OK.
  • In next step, hit it off the icon of wireless network & check if a computer is connected to Linksys range extender setup network.
  • Time to launch a web browser & enter IP address into web browser address bar.
  • Next, window will ask for username & password. Enter admin for both of them.

For leftover steps, we advise you to take help from our technical support team on the toll-free number. Our router login support team is available day & night 24/7 days a week. If you have any query regarding above-mentioned points or want more information on Linksys range extender setup, then directly talk to our team of experts.

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